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  • Making it to the big screen
    Student Adam Solway’s independent film debuted in Los Angeles


  • Cougars women’s hockey to headline Crowchild Classic
    Stakes higher than ever for 2020


  • Seven things to know about the Crowchild Classic
    From scoring tickets to winning a year’s tuition, we’ve got the deets you need


  • Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program set for year eight
    New relationships benefit both participants for the long run


  • Looking for the first Chancellor
    Mount Royal starts search for community leader


Students participate in knowledge-sharing community project

Capstone course puts youth on path to employment

Jan Derbyshire is the 2020 Writer-in-Residence

Playwright and performer Jan Derbyshire is a cross-campus changemaking resource in terms of equity and inclusion


Honouring Mount Royal's fallen students

Celebrate their lives by giving to students of the future


Rooted in YYC

Mount Royal grad grows local food and business


This is research at Mount Royal

Mount Royal University's professors are connecting with industry partners and their communities to challenge long-held beliefs, improve student wellness and introduce progressive policies for workplaces and the planet